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TODAY AT 5 PM - MUG CLUB RELAUNCH & The Great Glass Giveaway!

IT’S OFFICIAL! The Descendants MUG CLUB is BACK!!!

Join us Thursday, June 1st, as we officially RELAUNCH our beloved Mug Club! Think of this like a Mugger’s Ball! But it’s so much more!
After 3 years of supply chain issues, things are finally settled down. So we’re ready to explore beer the world over with you…Our very special Mug Club Members!

But we’re doing it a little bit differently this time around. To make it easier for everyone to manage and enjoy, we’re consolidating our 3 clubs into one great club! So now we get to explore our own brews along with great brews from New Jersey, the US, and all over Europe!

As in the past, we will do everything we can to source the rarest and highest quality brews from all over…and all of our Mug Club exclusive beers will be available to only you Muggers!

Here’s how the new book works. For new members, it’s $20 to join…which gives you access to amazing exclusive brews! $5 off Tasting events and Cultural events! And when you complete your book, you earn your very own engraved mug and T-Shirt!

But what if you are already a member and paid for all 3 clubs? We got you covered! We’ll transfer your books over to the new one, and you, my friend, have earned yourself 3 house brews on us! It’s only fair!
And on top of all this, we’re super stoked about the Great Glass Giveaway! We’ve run out of room for all the glasses we’ve been given over the years, so we’re giving them to you - our Muggers!

So join us for access to so many great new beers and free glasses! Cheers Muggers! 

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