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Griddled Banana Bread $7

with hazelnut-caramel and home-made Jameson Cold Brew ice cream

Hot Apple Crumble $7
with home-made caramel sauce and whipped cream

1⁄2 Pound Dense Fudge Brownie $7
with home-made whipped cream

Crème Brulee $7
ask about today’s flavor

...and introducing our
Beer & Dessert Pairing Menu!

Milk & Cookies $10

Milk Stout and homemade cookies

Twig & Berries $10

Chocolate Sticks and Lindeman’s Raspberry or Strawberry Lambic

Peaches & Cream $10

Peach Lambic, homemade whipped cream, fresh peaches

Berries & Cream $10

Raspberry or strawberry lambic, homemade whipped cream, fresh berries

To Drink

Alexander Hamilton Porter Float $8
Alexander Hamilton Porter and vanilla ice cream

Buffalo Float $10

Buffalo Trace Bourbon Cream, Boylan’s Root Beer and vanilla ice cream...the “adult root beer float”

Rudesheimer Kafee (German Coffee)
Asbach Uralt Brandy, sugar cubes, coffee, home-made whipped cream

Schumli Pflumli (Swiss Coffee)
Louis Roque Plum Brandy, sugar, coffee, home-made whipped cream