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Descendants Brewing Company at the Old Ship Inn is excited to announce three new ways to achieve beer exploration greatness! As with the old club, the main objective is to enjoy all of our in-house brewed beers. But each new club comes with its own twist and perks. For the European and American clubs, we will stock a very limited amount of bottles to enjoy for a single country or state. They will be available exclusively to our Muggers. Once we run out it's on to the next tasty brew. For our New Jersey club, we will feature guest taps from our fellow brewers in-state.

Descendants Beer Samples Compressed.jpg

The clubs start out with the bottle and NJ tap challenge...and as we introduce our new Descendants Ales we'll round out each club with our in-house brewed beers. Membership is $20 per club or $45 for all three...and we'll order you a t-shirt. Once completed of course each Mugger will earn their very on Traveler Edition Mug to proudly hang up in the brewery! Cheers to beer exploration!

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